The FUKUOKA Toy Museum is housed in LaLaport Fukuoka. Visitors can play with 5,000 toys from Japan and other countries around the world.
The museum is mainly run by volunteer staff. Our mission is to encourage people to deepen their engagement with each other through play.

Visit Us

・Opening hours
Museum 10:00-18:00
Shop & Gallery 10:00-18:00

・Closed days
LaLaport Fukuoka closing days.


Visitor classification \ Maximum usage time  Unlimited time
No re-entry
Adults 1,600yen 1,000yen
Children(6 months 〜 Elementary school student) 1,200yen 1,000yen
admitted for free
(Babies under 6 months 、Invitation ticket、Disability certificate)
free free

・Priority for the customers with reservations.
・Cancellation is allowed until 9AM on the day.
・Visitors eligible for free admission are also required to make a reservation on this website.

Nearest Stations

- 9 min. walk from Takeshita Station, JR Line


1For everyone from adults to children

There is a dedicated playroom for babies (age 2 years and under), as well as wooden toys that kids will love, analog games that will entertain teens, and old toys that adults will find comforting and nostalgic.

2Learn about traditional Japanese games.

Senior volunteers will teach you how to play traditional Japanese games.

3Play with 5,000 toys from around the world.

While the museum is focused on wooden toys from Japan, you can also play with toys from various countries across Asia and Europe.

4Craft activities are offered .

Make crafts using milk cartons and other recyclable items, or create a toy with an electric scroll saw (same-day reservation is required on a first-come, first-serve basis).